The story of

Saab Automobile and Saab Car Museum.

On June 10th 1947 the aircraft manufacturer Saab - Swedish Aeroplanes aktiebolag - presented its first car, the Saab 92. Series production began in Trollhättan 1949. Until the end of 2011 Saab Automobile produced cars that were happily driven all over the world. At Saab Car Museum you experience the complete story, from the first prototype to the last car ever built.

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Saab Car Museum today

Until December 2011 the museum was owned and managed by Saab Automobile AB. Because of the bankruptcy in 2011 the museum and its collections entered a time of uncertainty. After intense effort and the completion of the bidding process, the following constellation placed the winning bid: the City of Trollhättan, Saabgroup and the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg memorial foundation. Today, the museum is owned by the City of Trollhättan and Saabgroup, and is run by Innovatum Science Center AB.